Radio host’s heartbreaking tribute to her late mum

Spy News,
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Thursday, 8 March 2018, 1:09PM

Sarah Gandy has shared an emotional tribute to her late mother on International Women's Day.

The Hits Breakfast co-host, who lost her mother to cancer when she was 10, said that International Women's Day made her think about the women in her life who have "guided her".

"I'm sure, Toni, you think about your daughters, and your soon to be son, and the kind of person you want them to grow up to be," she said.

"So I was thinking about it, and I thought, 'I wonder what kind of person my mum would have liked me to grow up to be?'

"Obviously I can't have that conversation with her, but I can write her a letter."

In the letter - which brought the studio to tears - Sarah said her mother wanted her to be "proud of being a woman".

"You wanted me to be interested and encouraging, you wanted me to listen, and I think most of all, you wanted me to care," she said.

"So today, on International Women's Day, I remember you, and I remember what you taught me, and I'll keep working on being the woman that I think you wanted me to be."

Watch Sarah's emotional letter in full above.