Radio host reveals co-host's embarrassing secret on air

Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 27 October 2017, 12:00PM

Earlier this week the ZM radio duo spent a bit time together outside of the studio.

Jase Hawkins actually let his co-host PJ Harding baby sit his kids for the first time ever!

“We had such a good time, we played jigsaws, watched the iPad, we played games” says Harding.

PJ apparently did a great job, but Jase couldn’t help but critique her anyway.

“I was doing the dishes this morning and I couldn’t help but see there was a wine glass on the drying rack” he says.

PJ then fires back with: “But you said I could!... Okay, well if we are going to play this game… I found balding pills on the bench!”

AWKWARD. PJ 1 – Jase 0.

The hilarious pair are jetting off to Melbourne next year to host a breakfast show but will still be recording their afternoon show on ZM.