Radio host pops question live on-air

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Thursday, 27 April 2017, 1:43PM
Lacey and Daz are engaged. Photo / Facebook
Lacey and Daz are engaged. Photo / Facebook

It may be autumn now but summer lovin’ isn’t quite over yet.

Flava radio host Daz (Darryl-Mathew Suasua) has just celebrated six long years with his beautiful girlfriend Lacey and decided to seal the deal live on-air, asking for her hand in marriage.  

Having already set up a camera on his home computer and asked her to sit as the desk, Daz made the call live from the Flava studio.

“So you know how Monday was our six-year anniversary… and I didn’t get you anything,” he explains.

“In the bottom draw of the desk to the left, open that up,” he instructs. “There’s a purple box with a purple ribbon on top... Open it up...”

Lacey was delighted with what she saw inside as Daz oh-so-casually asked: “Will you marry me?”

An overwhelmed Lacey  said yes as she showed the ring to the camera.

Daz tried to wrap up the call promising to see Lacey at home, relieved that she said yes. But not before his co-host Ast jumped in to ask how Lacey was feeling.

Breaking down in tears, an emotional Lacey said: “It’s everything I’ve wanted”.

We wish them all the very best on their exciting news.