Radio host ‘poos himself’ on Lime scooter

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Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 8:33AM

Electronic Lime scooters have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, and this tale is no exception.

ZM breakfast host Fletch went travelling around Europe on his summer break, where he decided to hop on a Lime scooter after a night of drinking with mates.

“This was in the Czech Republic and I met up with some friends who were also travelling. We had some drinks and it was about eight or nine o’clock at night so it was dark, and I leave the bar...

“It’s at this stage where I am overcome with the need to use the toilet… and you know in Europe that it’s very hard. You cannot go anywhere, even to a McDonald’s without paying to use a toilet. I had no money because I only had EFTPOS and credit card so I am like, ‘I am going to have to make it back to the hotel.' I see a Lime scooter and I am like ‘Yes!’ and I start gunning for the hotel.”

It was all going well until he hit cobblestones and the ride got rough - so much so he admits: "A little bit came out".

Poor Fletch! He nearly made it back in time.  

Watch the hilarious story unfold above.