DWTS judge's love affair with NZ

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 26 May 2018, 4:33PM
Rachel White.
Rachel White.

Dancing with the Stars judge Rachel White has been marketed as the mean one — but Spy found a softer side when catching up with her this week.

The Soviet Union-born, Los Angeles-raised multi-award-winning dance queen told Spy she always knew she would end up with a permanent Kiwi connection.

“I was working in London and my dance partner had work in Australia and New Zealand, that’s how I found myself on DWTS in 2009. It felt very natural for me to come to NZ, I guess you could say I held a soft spot for it, and I was not surprised at all when I fell in love and married a Kiwi.”

The 30-year-old took her star of that season, former All Black Josh Kronfeld, to third place and says she was thrilled to see him in the audience four weeks ago.

She married Stuart White in Hawaii in 2016 and they run their respective businesses in Santa Ana, Orange County. His is a Kiwi gym and hers a Dance Studio.

White says all three judges were great friends in California and no matter what scrapping we see them do on the panel, they are out for a drink smiling after the show.

“I have not judged on TV before, but I have judged many shows around the states and the dancers on the show are getting exactly what I give in any competition,” she says.

“I have no favourites, I think they can all improve, some will do so exponentially, and the biggest thing I can achieve is for them to listen to my advice.”