Pink awards NZ 'nicest in the world' trophy

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 11:02AM
Pink performs with glee at Auckland's Spark Arena. Photo / Dean Purcell
Pink performs with glee at Auckland's Spark Arena. Photo / Dean Purcell

Pink has only been in New Zealand for a matter of days but we've already totally won her over. 

The superstar slayed a performance in Dunedin to a crowd of 37,000 on Saturday, and opened her massive six show run in Auckland on Tuesday night. 

In their down time, she and her crew have been out and about exploring New Zealand, and really taken a shine to us Kiwis.

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Addressing an enthralled crowd at Spark Arena on Tuesday, she said: "I've made a decision and I wish I had a trophy to give you guys...I was convinced that Canadians were the nicest people in the world, however I’ve changed my mind - it's you guys. 

"I’m in love with all of you. Just your whole country your whole deal, so thanks for having us back, it’s been too long." 

She was also impressed when she mentioned it was her drummer Mark Schulman's birthday and the crowd immediately launched into singing Happy Birthday without prompting. 

There's one other thing about New Zealand the singer loves too...

"You also have really good beer. I knew you had good wine but you also have great beer. I know. I’ve been really researching it, I learned a lot," she laughed. 

Meanwhile, one of Pink's dancers has been throwing himself into Kiwi living - literally. Khasan Brailsford, who performs with Pink in one of the most impressive acts of the show - the aerial silks - posted a snap on Instagram of him doing the SkyCity Sky Jump. 

He captioned it: "Jumping back into Auckland like..."