Oh baby! Art and Matilda keen for kids

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Monday, 4 February 2019, 11:42AM
Matilda Rice and Art Green. Photo / Instagram
Matilda Rice and Art Green. Photo / Instagram

After moving into their new home and with their wedding coming up soon, Art Green and Matilda Rice have even bigger plans for the future.

The Bachelor couple admit they're also planning for kids.

“Art and I always knew that one day we wanted to be parents, but it never felt real until now,” Matilda tells the latest edition of Woman's Day from her and Art's new home in Warkworth.

“Now that we have reached our goal of buying a home, we feel really settled and ready for the next chapter in our relationship – mini Art and Matildas!”

 They have already admitted they moved to Warkworth because they couldn't afford a house in Auckland.

But they say their move to Warkworth was also to ensure the couple maintain a wholesome lifestyle. They want their children to experience the same.

“They’ll be free-range babies for sure,” says Art. “We really want our kids to grow up surrounded by nature and as a family, living off the land as best we can.”

The pair also have two cats (Christine and Brian) and five chickens and are keen on getting a pet cow too.

“Say hello to our new chooks! Meet Moira, Deborah, Linda, Tanya and Susan. The girls have done us proud already with one egg on the first night! Can’t believe we have 7 animals now. Next stop: a cow. #dothechickenshavelargetalons.”

We can't wait to watch their young family grow!