New Zealand's Best 'Royal' Weddings

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Friday, 18 May 2018, 7:39AM
Photos / Getty / Twitter / Instagram
Photos / Getty / Twitter / Instagram

The UK's newest Royal couple Meghan and Harry have been all over the papers worldwide recently. Whether it's Meghan's family drama, how many flowers they've ordered for the day or will Harry been shaven or unshaven, there's plenty of talk surrounding this wedding. 

Although NZ doesn't have a wedding on this large of a scale, we have had some pretty powerful people who are 'Kiwi Royalty' who have gotten married. The Coast decided to revisit some of NZ'S best 'Royal' Couples that have tied the knot. 

Daniel and Honor Carter:

A match made in NZ sporting heaven. Daniel Carter, one of our biggest and best rugby players and Honor Dillion, an incredible Black Sticks player tied the knot at Timara Lodge in Malborough on December 9th, 2011. After meeting in 2000 and beginning to date two years later, Carter announced their engagement on Facebook in December 2010. "Thought I'd let u know I asked my long-term girlfriend Honor to marry me & she said yes. We are very happy & looking forward to spending our future together," Carter wrote.

The guest list for the big day had some big names on it including former AB's captain Richie Mccaw and former coach Graham Henry among others.

Daniel and Honor are still going strong, they live in Paris with their two children, Marco who is 5 and Fox who is 3.

Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby:

The broadcasting duo are currently in the UK reporting on the wedding, but they had a pretty special one of their own! Kate and Mike both have incredible taste so it was no surprise that they had a beautiful January wedding at Huka Lodge in Taupo in 2012. Kate and Mike had a very intimate ceremony with 30-40 close friends and family. The whole clan was dressed to the nines with Hosking donning a Versace suit, while his bride chose a Trelise Cooper dress. Their sons in suits and their daughters in gorgeous dresses with flower crowns, they made for a stunning bunch.

Happy anniversary @mikehoskingbreakfast❣️6 amazing years of you by my side making me endless cups of tea, reacting calmly when we keep adopting dogs without your knowledge, being our anchor, our consistently solid ray of sunshine & positivity, my best friend, and the reason we all get to laugh every single day. (With you/at you - same thing🤗) it’s bloody hard yards blending families & staying married with all that gets thrown against you (statistics for starters..) so I’m thankful every year we all manage to pull it together knowing we will always have each other’s backs.👊You don’t get to be smug in a blended family-second marriage situation, you just get to be grateful.🙏To all those walking that road or facing upheaval, hang in there. I feel you. Find whatever works, and just do that. One step at a time. We’ve made 9 years of steps, along a rocky winding confronting and sometimes seemingly insurmountable road, but we got here. Forever grateful to our little (large😏👬👭👨‍👩‍👧🐶🐶) team Hawkesby-Hosking, but never taking it for granted.😘🙏👰🙎🏻‍♂️

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Kate posted an Instagram back in January to celebrate their six-year anniversary. "Happy anniversary @mikehoskingbreakfast❣️6 amazing years of you by my side making me endless cups of tea, reacting calmly when we keep adopting dogs without your knowledge, being our anchor, our consistently solid ray of sunshine & positivity, my best friend, and the reason we all get to laugh every single day" wrote Kate. 

The couple currently both are announcers at Newstalk ZB. Kate recently began doing the Early Edition from 5am and Mike taking over at 6am, which makes for some great Instagram stories from Kate. Together, the two are raising a blended family of five kids; Jackson, Bella, Ruby, Josh, and Marley.

Family Portrait 🐶

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Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna:

Quite possibly the most long-awaited Wedding in New Zealand History. Shortland Streets Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) and Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield), tied the knot in February 2014. The nation wiped away a tear as the watch Chris get married for his fourth and final (hopefully) wedding. Between the two of them, the King and Queen of Ferndale overcame stalkers, bombs, bizarre illnesses, alcoholism, brain damage, bombs and a total of six marriages. 

Spent the day on set bossing this guy around 💕#shortlandstreet #oldtimes

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Chris and Rachel had a lovely and low key wedding with their nearest and dearest. Chris's son Harry was his best man and hospital colleague Harper was Rachels maid of honor. The Wedding was so Royal that commemorative cups were made by Kiwi company Mr. Vintage to celebrate. They were originally made only for cast and crew, with a 100 spare they were put up online and sold out in seconds. 

Sadly after Rachel struggled with a relapse, she decided to leave Ferndale to get better. She rejected Chris' offer to go with her and departed alone, much to Chris and Harry's dismay. The following year at Chris' 50th birthday, it was revealed that Rachel had entered into a new relationship. A very sad ending for one of the most loved and supported couples in the country.

John and Bronagh Key:

The previous parents of the nation John and Bronagh Key had a very interesting first meeting. Women's Weekly reported John first encountered Bronagh crying on her friend Jenny's doorstep after she had failed an economics exam. Key was at Jenny's place also but tutoring her sister in economics and he opened the door when Bronagh arrived. Key and Bronagh both went to Burnside High School in Christchurch, but there were two years between them and they had no contact before the meeting at Jenny's house.

Shortly after that Key took his mother, Ruth, out to dinner at a local hotel where Bronagh was a waitress. Their paths crossed again when Bronagh, who had hurt her leg, and a flu-stricken Key went to the same doctor. Key then tutored his future wife in economics, and she went on to get an economics degree. The pair got married two weeks after Bronagh turned 21 in 1984 and will celebrate their 34th Wedding Anniversary this year. They have two children, Stephie and Max and the pair currently live in Auckland. 

Gemma and Richie McCaw:

The most recent of the Kiwi Royal Weddings, Gemma and Richie McCaw are not to be forgotten. The former All Black Captain and Black Sticks Wedding was the talk of the country. Christchurch-based Richie and Gemma have been together for five years. The pair first met at a function and Richie clearly saw something in Gemma he liked so messaged her on Facebook soon after. The gorgeous couple announced they were engaged in January 2016 and a year later were married at the Olive Grove on the edge of Lake Wanaka.

Happiest day of my life ❤️️

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The former All Blacks captain married his gorgeous former Black Stick in a lavish ceremony in front of 170 family and friends. Richie told Women's Day "The main thing was that we wanted a very chilled out day, I think that's just the way we are. Today has been about enjoying the whole road… having friends and family here." 

The pair currently live in Christchurch and celebrated their first year of marriage back in January. Gemma often posts adorable couple snaps of the two of them out being active on her Instagram. 

This article was republished here with permission from The Coast.

Freezing cold conditions but a red hot atmosphere tonight 🙌

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