New Year heartbreak for Zoe Bell

Spy News,
Publish Date
Thursday, 3 January 2019, 9:37AM

Hollywood stuntwoman Zoe Bell has been dealt a heart-breaking blow in 2019, farewelling her beautiful mother Tish. 

Posting the news on Instagram, Zoe wrote: "I can't wrap my head nor my heart around it... This light. This wonderful, other wordly light... I just can't find the words. Mum's gone. My and Jake's muma. Dad's everything. 

"Hearts around the world are breaking and bleeding. And she's no longer here to soothe us. 

"Can't believe it."

Zoe posted the news alongside a video of her mum and young niece sharing a cuddle. 

On Christmas Eve, Zoe posted a photo of her mum as a young woman, celebrating her fierce-yet-gentle spirit. 

She wrote: "This incredible being. Fierce as a tiger. Gentle as a kitten. Mum, you are a lioness. You are limitless. And I love you. Till my heart explodes and rebuilds and explodes again."

Zoe's close relationship with her family is well documented and her parents, Tish and Andrew, were by her side last year when her stuntman partner Jacob Horn suffered a serious head injury. 

Horn fractured his skull in August and spent several weeks in hospital, before undergoing extensive rehabilitation.

Zoe's parents flew to Los Angeles to support their daughter through the difficult time, before returning to their Waiheke home. 

A service to celebrate Tish's life will be held on Waiheke on January 12.