Millie Elder-Holmes now single

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Saturday, 19 August 2017, 9:13AM
Millie Elder-Holmes. Photo / Instagram
Millie Elder-Holmes. Photo / Instagram

Millie Elder-Holmes found love after the tragic death of her partner Connor Morris, opening up about her new relationship back in March this year. 

Taking to her Snapchat story last night she apologized to her social media fans for being absent explaining she’s ended her relationship with Kostas Saripapas.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to make this Snapchat over the last week and a half I haven’t been on Snap because me and Kostas broke up.”

“It was just a weird time to be snap-chatting… so I have just been keeping to myself focusing on me and doing things alone and just processing everything and thinking about why everything happened. And just trying to deal with it the best that I can.”

“So that’s why I have been a little bit absent on snapchat. Life happens, shit happens but just thought I’d let you all know.”

After her fans sent her messages of support she says:

“You guys are so f***ing amazing and sweet…”

“I don’t know if I am doing this breakup thing properly but I am just like right now I’m sitting at home eating pizza and watching Netflix, because I just can’t be f***ed with life.”

“I’ve been spending lots and lots of time with my family and my friends and like trying to do things that make me happy, not stay at home and be sad but if I am feeling down and feeling overwhelmed with the situation...I am trying to get out and walk and do things and try and be busy.”

“The main thing that I know is that life is too f***ing short to be in a situation where you’re not 100 percent happy. And once I make my mind up about something I don’t go back on it.”

“I’ve never been one to change my mind about serious situations so I’m very strong in my decision or whatever.”

“I am just really looking forward to travelling and doing things that inspire me in the next couple months. And I will be coming back to New Zealand also for summer so that will be cool. I’m coming back for like four months or something for the New Zealand summer, so I am really excited for this also.”

She finishes by smiling and saying:

“I know everything is going to be ok.”

We can’t wait to have her feeling happy at home with her family and friends.