Millennial issues: How to spot a f*ck boy

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Thursday, 13 September 2018, 9:23AM
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Ever dated a guy and you were hot and heavy one minute, then ghosting the next?

Yep, we have all been there… and it sucks.

This week on Girls On Top podcast, Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor discuss a common problem faced by millennials these days, which is how to spot a ‘f*ck boy’.

A ‘f*ck boy’ – if you didn’t already know is an“asshole boy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and let her down, then apologise only to ask for "pics" once the girl has welcomed him back into her trust,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

In the interests of broadcasting standards the girls use the word ‘puck boys’ instead of f*ck boys.

“My whole life has been full of puck boys!” declares Brodie Kane.

“Look, here’s the thing about puck boys , there’s something about puck boys that draws you to them, it’s because they are unashamedly puck boys.

“Basically a puck boy is going to slide into your DMs, 100 per cent. They will message you late at night and say ‘Up 2?’ then you won’t hear from them for days.”

“There’s really undercover puck boys as well,” says Caitlin, “like there are some that are really nice and super interested and then all of a sudden they just boost (off).”

“I think we all want a nice guy that treats us with respect and I think that is fair but this is one way that you can deal with puck boys, is just to become a puck girl,” says Brodie.

“If you are at least aware that they are out there, just relax your strategy and be aware that we are in a particular stage in your life where a lot of the guys out there are DTF (down to f*ck) , so if you relax a bit and have a bit of fun yourself, that’s when you won’t get hurt or upset.”

“Play them a little bit at their game I adopt a zero f’s puck girl mentality,” says Brodie.

The increase of the ‘f*ck boy’ attitude seems to stem from reality television and pop culture.

“Half the problem with the rise and resurgence with puck boys is the programs like Geordie Shore which have become so common,” says Brodie.

“They sensationalise getting with lots of people and glamorise it!” adds Gracie.

The final thoughts on how to identify a f*ck boy:

“I think if you have a gut feeling about him you need to listen to that,” says Caitlin.

“Also if your friends don’t like him and if he doesn’t text back between the prime dating hours of 7-11pm, he is probably on a date with someone else,” says Gracie.

Listen to the full chat below! Brodie, Caitlin and Gracie also discuss two more topics including having babies by yourself and suffering social media anxiety.