Mike McRoberts to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars?

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 8:56AM
Mike McRoberts. Photo / Instagram
Mike McRoberts. Photo / Instagram

News presenter Mike McRoberts has shared some disheartening news for Dancing with the Stars fans.

The keen sportsman has been training for the 70.3km Taupo Ironman in March and has had to pull out due to a serious knee injury.

His injury is so serious he might not be able to compete in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

McRoberts says he's known "that something wasn't right" according to NewsHub.

"I've had injuries before but normally they would come right after a couple of weeks rest. But by just after Christmas I'd had six weeks off running and my knee still hadn't improved I knew it was serious," he revealed.

"An X-Ray and MRI scan later confirmed I'd torn my meniscus - the cartilage inside my knee joint."

"To be honest, I shed a few tears," Mike says.

"I've worked pretty hard towards completing my first Ironman and to have to pull out of the March event was really upsetting."

McRoberts says he is “now racing to try and be fit in time” for Dancing with the Stars NZ.

"I've been working hard with rehab, cycling and Pilates. I've also had a procedure where your own blood is injected back into the knee socket in order to speed up the recovery."