Mentalist reads Kiwi celebs’ minds

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Friday, 13 October 2017, 10:19AM
Mentalist Colin Cloud and Megan Sellers on ZM. Photo / Facebook
Mentalist Colin Cloud and Megan Sellers on ZM. Photo / Facebook

It has been a very ‘telling’ week for comedian-come forensic mind-reader Colin Cloud.

The Scottish mentalist has been able to extract many interesting revelations from the minds of our Kiwi TV and radio hosts.

During ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan show Cloud decided to target Megan Sellers asking her to think of her worst kiss she has ever had.

“Are you kidding me?!” she said.

Colin guessed his name correctly and wrote it down to show Fletch and Vaughan.

They then exploded with laughter when he revealed the paper to Megan with the name ‘Matt’ – which she confirmed was correct.

“Oh no, haha you have broken her… you have broken our Megan!” cried Vaughan.

Then later on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp, he read host Mike Hosking’s mind and accurately divulged the numbers that he had been told to think of.

Even Toni Street was gob-smacked at how accurate Cloud was when he asked her to think of a crime she would commit, with whom she would do it and where.

He got it one hundred percent right! She thought of an object (a hammer), and thought of her Hits co-host (Sam Wallace), in a city (Paris).

How spooky!

Watch the interview unfold below:

Colin Cloud also found out NZ Herald Focus reporter Tristram Clayton’s worst kiss. 

Cloud performs with the Magicians - On Stage tour in Auckland from November 1-4.