Meet the It Girl of Project Runway NZ

Ricardo Simich. ,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 8 December 2018, 8:27AM
Gracie Lambert. Photo / Supplied
Gracie Lambert. Photo / Supplied

Forget the designers and the world famous host — the biggest star to emerge from Project Runway New Zealand is one of the models.

Gracie Lambert has a striking platinum bob and the kind of unique beauty European catwalks love. The 22-year-old has only been with her agency Red 11 since last year and has wasted no time since the show’s filming in making the most of her modelling ambitions.

She is currently holidaying with boyfriend Henry Humphrey in Europe — and using the opportunity to visit some of the fashion capitals.

“I went for a little holiday around London and Paris and I’ve seen a couple of agencies while I’ve been here,” she told Spy.

Lambert, the face of luxury jewellery brand Silk & Steel, stars in Project Runway competitor Benjamin Alexander’s new collection of fashion-forward shirts, (think super-stylish cotton mini dresses).

Her role as Alexander’s muse has given the show its dramatic turns, with designers fighting over her. This week the drama dial turns up to full tilt as the semi-final’s four remaining designers duke it out for the showdown in next week’s final.