Matty races All Black legend: 'Richie McCaw choked!'

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 2:25PM
Matty McLean vs Richie McCaw. Photos / Supplied,
Matty McLean vs Richie McCaw. Photos / Supplied,

Who would you expect to win a running race between TV presenter Matty McLean and All Black legend Richie McCaw? 

Well now you can find out, because Matty took on Richie on this morning's Breakfast saying, "let's see if the magic of TV can work for me". 

The pair faced off in a competition to see who could place three objects in a large bin the quickest and the two were pretty evenly matched until Richie dropped the ball, prompting Jack Tame to shout: "He choked! Richie McCaw choked!"

Matty won the race and stood next to Richie declaring: "I tell you what, that is the most exciting thing that's ever happened in my television career."

He was clutching his chest and said: "I'm dying, but I won. You didn't expect much from me maybe, Richie?"

Richie was a good sport though and shared a handshake saying: "Well done, pal, well done." 

But Matty's mate and co-host Jack could resist the final word adding: "You let soak in. Here's the thing: Richie McCaw can beat George Smith to a breakdown any day of the week, but he can't beat Matty McLean!"

Watch the race here: