Matilda tags Art before Ibiza escapades

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 9:12PM
Matilda Rice and Art Green. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Matilda Rice and Art Green. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

What does one do when one's boyfriend is about to embark on an epic "lads trip" to Ibiza? 

When you're Matilda Rice, you make some "I have a girlfriend" name tags for him to wear on the holiday.

With the original Bachelor Art Green getting ready to go on a beer-sponsored trip to Amsterdam and Ibiza, Rice has been making sure the women of Europe know he's taken.

Green shared Rice's homemade name tag efforts on Instagram last night, saying "What would I do without her!"



Others joining Green on the holiday include Remix publisher Tim Phin and his friend, Carl Thompson.

The trip itinerary includes "the full Amsterdam experience", a Heineken brewery tour, a day boat cruise followed by an Ibiza Opening Party, and a poolside recovery session.

But Rice probably has little to worry about. Two days ago, Green shared a picture of his girlfriend to Instagram, asking "How did I get so lucky?"

"[I'm] going to miss my little buddy next week."



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