Matilda Rice's sleepless nights over Heartbreak Island

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Monday, 9 July 2018, 12:25PM

Bachelor star Matilda Rice has opened up about how fiancé Art Green helped her deal with the backlash from Heartbreak Island.

The 27-year-old received a barrage of abuse online following the launch of the reality TV show which she hosts alongside Mark Dye.

People began to troll Rice on social media for her role in the show after a controversial scene saw two contestants labelled the “least popular”.

Rice took to Instagram at the time to ask viewers to stop sending her angry messages.

“People need to understand that I was doing a job …I was there contracted and paid to do a job, and I did that job,” she said.

“Please don’t DM me anymore messages telling me I’ve done the wrong thing because I’ve had enough.”

Rice has now revealed to Woman’s Day just how much of a toll the abuse took on her, resulting in anxiety and sleepless nights.

“I hadn’t thought so much hatred would be directed at me,” she said.

Rice said she tried to laugh off the comments as they rolled in while she was watching the first episode with a bunch of close friends.

“I felt like the whole country had something horrible to say. I felt like what was meant to be such an exciting moment was taken away from me. It took me a few days to come right.”

 She said she couldn’t have dealt with it all without the support of her “number-one campaigner” Art.

“It was him who really built me up and reminded me that the opinions of people who don’t know me aren’t the ones that matter,” she said.

Rice told the magazine how important it is to her to protect her brand and remains mindful of the jobs she takes and products she endorses.

Having amassed over 143,000 followers on Instagram and representing brands such as Colgate Optic White and Jockey Underwear, she’s always aimed to remain authentic.

“The weird, goofy person you get online is the same me Art gets every day.”

Despite the criticism Rice stands by her decision to take on the Heartbreak Island role.

“To dip my toes into a presenting role was something I had always dreamed of.”