MAFS cast revealed: Meet the singles looking for love

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
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Saturday, 15 September 2018, 2:34PM
This year MAFS has opted for non-official ceremonies. Photo / supplied
This year MAFS has opted for non-official ceremonies. Photo / supplied

Three has unveiled the 12 singles taking the leap into marriage for the second season of Married at First Sight NZ.

Unlike last year where the marriages were legally binding, this year the show has opted for non-official ceremonies. And after some of the ructions during and after season one, we hear the experts have taken pride in their matches. With the weddings and honeymoons done, the cast have met, and — in general and unlike last year — like each other.

Russian-born beauty Ksenia Smorodinova, 33, is a sales manager from Auckland. She is seeking a caring, considerate, honest soulmate with ambition. and doesn’t want someone who is selfish, lacking in drive or who tells lies. A fit Kiwi bloke with a nice smile is what she has ordered.

Looking for a soulmate who is funny, confident, honest and loyal and who has never done the dirty on their partner is 44-year-old Dunedin entrepreneur Dave McClelland. He likes his sports and recently completed a three-week boot camp in Thailand.

Cantabrian account manager, Julia Malley, 32, is a self-described extrovert who has been single for six years. She would like her husband to be tall, kind and manly, but who can also express himself emotionally. We hear if he looks like Entourage star Adrian Grenier that would be a great start.

Wellington electrician, Dan McLaughlan, 30, (who we think looks a little like former royal butler Paul Burrell), has entered the show hoping to find his best friend. He loves to travel — has visited 30 different countries at last count — and wants to see more with his new wife. Beware if you travel with him as he says he talks a lot. However, if Pulp Fiction is available on the playlist, that will keep him busy.

Japanese-born, Yuki Sato, 31, is a Christchurch hairdresser and business owner who is a romantic through and through. If her husband turned up at the altar with a bad haircut, tattoos or was rude, she would not be happy. Yuki is a strong woman and watch out anyone who thinks of her as a stereotypical, submissive little Japanese girl.

Tayler Morgan, 29, is an industrial electrician apprentice in Christchurch, who has learned not to open up so quickly and easily. He likes snowboarding, wakeskating and most things that go fast. Tayler is a romantic guy looking for his soul mate.

If there is a MAFS wife who is going to enjoy the attention, it is 32-year-old Ottie Schwartz from Christchurch. Ottie wants a bit of a dare-devil with street smarts and likes a guy with tatts. The promotions manager likes to be the centre of attention and calls herself crazy beautiful.

South African-born Gareth Noble, 26, is an apprentice barber from Cromwell. He is cheeky but caring and the tatt’ed hipster loves to cook, clean and sew. Gareth is very close to his family and wants kids of his own. He would like his partner to rival his playful personality and accompany him on adventures.

Monique Lee is a 25-year-old Jewish teacher from Christchurch with a long list of “definitely nots” in her husband wish list. Cocky and right-wing are on the “no” side, but she would also like him to be non-judgmental. Monique can break the tension in a room by showing off her hidden talent of tap dancing.

Wayne McIntosh, 32, is a helicopter engineer from Taranaki, whose friends have all walked up the aisle leaving him in their wake. We guess he had no choice but to join MAFS. Wayne is a hopeless romantic, has never had a bad break-up, remains friends with all his exes and likes Mexican food.

Wellington-based policy analyst Fraser Pearce, 27, grew up in the Bay of Islands, but after moving to the capital for university, has found his home there among the diverse culture of its café scene. Fraser, wants a woman to make him feel like the centre of the universe. Fraser seeks physical affection and words of affirmation from his future partner.

And finally, we have fashion content producer and small business owner Samuel Levi, 25 — (see our main story on the Influencer looking for love not fame).