MAFS bride: 'I'm prepared to end the marriage now'

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Monday, 9 October 2017, 8:33PM

There were tears, tantrums and a disturbing amount of sex talk on Married at First Sight tonight, as the honeymoon turned sour for all three of the featured couples.

By the end of the episode, it seems two of the three marriages are over. And the third is on thin ice.

But first, let's address the true horror of the night - Claire and Dom's sex life.

Tonight Claire revealed their sex life was great - but Dom reminds her of her ex-husband.

We learnt early in the episode that the pair have consummated the marriage, with Claire declaring: "Yes, we've made love. Dom and I have, yes. He knows what he's doing, I'm pretty impressed with that side of it."

Hear that noise? That's the sound of their teenage children succumbing to death by mortification.


And it didn't stop there. Claire took the opportunity to celebrate her husband's sexual prowess regularly throughout the episode, at one point revealing they would "christen every spa bath and bed" in their luxury lodge.

Unfortunately for Claire, it turns out Dom is also rather annoying and it didn't take long for the pair to start bickering.

They had their first full-blown fight over Claire's driving, which led to a key revelation: Dom reminds Claire of her ex-husband.

Pack your bags now Dom because that is a certified relationship death knell.

Meanwhile, things were worse in Adelaide, where an over-tired Bel was beginning to spin out.

By her own admission, she was exhausted and emotional.

A petal love heart laid out on the bed was quickly dumped on the floor, foreshadowing what was about to come.

It had been a big couple of days and Bel was clearly out of sorts, which Hayden took in his stride, playing the role of a supportive husband.

But a trip up the Adelaide Oval pushed Bel over the edge, when her husband egged her on to let go and lean off the towering roof.

Quite what happened between then and when we next see them is unclear, but the pair are no longer talking.

As Hayden explained: "Things have turned to crap. She's shut down, won't talk to me, I've tried to message her."

Bel refused to reply to said message claiming it's childish to talk via messenger. Hayden was in tears at his wife's refusal to speak to him.

The last we see of the pair is Hayden heading to the airport alone, while Bel says to camera: "I am prepared to end the marriage now."

"We've had more lows than we've had highs now. I'm ready to go home now."

Just a couple of days into the honeymoon, Lacey is sick of Luke's jokes.

Things were looking equally dire back in New Zealand, where Luke and Lacey lost the honeymoon sweepstakes and ended up in Rotorua.

Driven to throwing themselves off a towering platform, even the adrenaline couldn't mask Lacey's waning enthusiasm for her marriage.

Luke's constant jokes were wearing thin and she wants him to get serious.

To Luke's credit, he knows this is an issue, revealing to camera: "It's been really difficult for me opening up. I've had some bad experiences in the past. The hard thing is I actually really, really like Lacey. It's the fear of rejection that I have because I do really like her. I know I can break down these barriers."

But it looks like he won't get the chance as the episode ends with Luke revealing: "Lacey just told me it's over."

Two down, four to go.