Lorde's secret surprise for Dunedin fans

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 9:45AM
Lorde performing in Dunedin. Photo / Getty
Lorde performing in Dunedin. Photo / Getty

It was Lorde's birthday bash - but the pop star was the one who ended up giving out a present.

The Royals singer kicked off her six-date New Zealand tour with a packed show in Dunedin last night - the same night as her 21st birthday.

Many fans camped out early, with some turning up at 5.30am to score a front row spot for the show.

But during the day, Lorde hid a secret package in the city for one lucky fan to find.

"DUNEDIN: left a little package in the city library behind this book. see you tonight," she wrote on Twitter.

The gift was tickets to the show and "a hand drawing on a T-shirt" said the lucky fan who won.

Will Lorde do the same thing in Christchurch before tonight's show?

It might pay to keep an eye on her Instagram to find out.