Lorde’s ‘f**king lit’ backstage ritual

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Saturday, 17 March 2018, 2:10PM
Lorde performing onstage. Photo / Getty
Lorde performing onstage. Photo / Getty

You would think the Grammy award winner would be a bit more ‘rock n roll’ with her backstage antics, but no.

The Kiwi superstar has posted her bizarre backstage activities on her Instagram story today.

In a cute video Ella reveals she adores puzzles.

“People often ask what you do to keep busy on such a big tour, bet it’s all going on backstage, and I say yes, I am doing this giant puzzle of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s f*cking lit.”

“I do a lot of puzzles, the brand that I really love is called Liberty Puzzles which are based in Colorado. They make these amazing laser cut wooden puzzles, all kinds and all shapes. I have converted many friends to do puzzles… it's titillating and really good for your brain I think.”

“This is not an ad, the puzzle place does not pay me, I just think what they do is timeless and beautiful.”

The Green Light star also revealed her love of strawberry flavoured Pocky sticks which she also has on her backstage rider.