Liz and Kim Dotcom’s baby news?

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 8:02AM
Kim Dotcom and his young bride Liz. Photo / Instagram
Kim Dotcom and his young bride Liz. Photo / Instagram

Kim Dotcom and his beautiful young bride Liz only got hitched earlier this year, and it seems after settling in Queenstown, they may soon have some more exciting news to share.

In a cute Instagram post Liz Dotcom, formerly Donnelly shared a selfie of the couple with  the caption: “Starts with I ends with F.”

The post has sent her social media fans into a frenzy over a possible pregnancy.

 “IVF!! Oh my goodness! Lots of love,” says one.

“Congrats guys! How exciting,” says another

“Ahhh I saw you browsing little people’s clothing!”

Kim’s previous wife Mona also underwent IVF treatment to conceive his other five children.

According to an NZ Herald interview earlier this year, Liz has always wanted children with him.

"Since Kim has so many kids the topic is always there. People always ask. We definitely want kids together.” 

"I want kids really badly and we speak about it every week, every day. I think maybe I want two, or maybe three."

She's already step-mother to five. "That's seven or eight for Kim. But yeah, we definitely want kids."

She also disclosed they were always going to try  IVF and discussed surrogacy in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Starts with I ends with F

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