Kiwi star's Hunt for Shorty St hunk

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 11 August 2018, 11:34AM
Alex Tarrant and Luci Hare in The Hunt. Photo / Supplied
Alex Tarrant and Luci Hare in The Hunt. Photo / Supplied

They are one of the cutest showbiz couples in town — Luci Hare, much loved for her comedic turns on Auckward Love, and her partner Alex Tarrant, who has just debuted as Shortland Street’s new romantic doctor, Lincoln Kimiora.

The couple have worked on screen together eight times. But it’s their latest Australian short film, The Hunt, which is about to debut, that has turned our heads. In it, Hare hunts down Tarrant.

Late last year in the forests of Victoria, they joined their friends Catherine Mack and Holly Hargreaves, co-writers and directors of The Hunt, to take part in the dystopian production.

It is love story, set in year 2040 when the government has passed the “Gender Purification Law”, for the immediate eradication of all males in the name of equality. The harbouring of any man is strictly outlawed and punishable by death.

The couple met Mack when her husband was filming in New Zealand. As soon as Mack and Hargreaves started work on The Hunt they knew they wanted Hare and Tarrant on board.

“Luci was amazing, she was four months pregnant and getting up at 6am and finishing the day at 7pm, in the middle of nowhere in Victoria,” Mack tells Spy.

Hare laughs when she recalls hunting her partner with a shotgun, while pregnant, before giving birth to their son Beaumont in February. “It was such a strange situation, which I bet I won’t get again in my career as an actress. My job was heightened by our real-life circumstances,” she says.

“But, it was great; when hunting him I just . . . channelled how I am when he doesn’t hang the washing out.”

Hare plays the cold, calculating leader of the hunting party. Tarrant plays Joel, a man who escaped his execution when he was younger and has been living in hiding ever since.

It's hoped The Hunt will screen in New Zealand before the end of the year.