Kiwi stars and their pregnancy cravings

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Thursday, 9 November 2017, 11:43PM
Nadia Lim. Photo / Instagram @ nadialimcooks
Nadia Lim. Photo / Instagram @ nadialimcooks

Pregnancy cravings are the stuff of legend.

If the internet is to be believed (and the internet never lies), there are pregnant women amongst us who have admitted to craving pickle juice straight from the jar, Nutella smeared on burritos, dish soap drizzled over burgers, and dirt.

But not so, our Kiwi celebrities.

When it comes to their pregnancies, their cravings often boil down to the food that many stars are normally too terrified to let pass their lips: carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Kate Cameron

While she was pregnant with daughter Lucy this year, former Bachelorette Kate Cameron was very forthcoming about the weird and wonderful things she was experiencing. 

And she was more than happy to admit that during her first trimester she wanted all the food.

"Breakfast would be at 7.30am and by 9.30, I was deciding on whether I should have the savoury feta scone or opt for something healthier," Cameron wrote in a pregnancy blog

She says she eventually swapped the scones for Paleo muesli.



Dame Valerie Adams

Dame Valerie Adams blew everyone's minds with the gym workouts she was able to complete while pregnant with her daughter, Kimoana. 

And the double Olympic champion supplemented those workouts with a few solid pregnancy cravings.

At around 18 weeks, she got a hankering for boiled eggs with salt, eating around four or five a day. And her daily dessert became Juicies ice blocks, with Dame Valerie telling her Twitter fans, "Baby got me buying these by the box."

She also put a callout on Twitter asking if anybody knew where to get their hands on fresh pretzels in Auckland, as she was craving them for lunch. (She ended up taking matters into her own hands, making the giant pretzels herself.)



Gin Wigmore

Singer Gin Wigmore claimed to be "always hungry" before giving birth to her son, Ivory.

She couldn't even put her sandwich down long enough to take a baby bump photo with fellow musician, Ladyhawke.



Nadia Lim

Although celebrity chef Nadia Lim admits there were a few "sudden and desperate outings for a good burger" in the early days of her pregnancy, she revealed citrus fruit was what she craved the most while expecting her son, Bodhi.

In a blog about eating while pregnant, Lim wrote she couldn't get enough grapefruit, lemons, limes or oranges. 

"I ate 19 blood oranges in the space of about 10 minutes one day at the office," she said.

The My Food Bag co-founder also revealed the foods she missed eating the most while pregnant – namely sashimi, beef tartare, oysters and unpasteurised French brie. Faaaancy!


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Nikki Phillips

Australian-based model and TV presenter Nikki Phillips also claims to have craved fruit during her pregnancy with son, Jett.

And according to the Wentworth Courier, baby also had her eating Nutri-Grain cereal by the handfuls.



Zoe Marshall (an honorary Kiwi, based on her marriage to league star Benji)

Pregnant with her first baby, due in February, Zoe Marshall didn't so much crave carbs in her first trimester – she relied on them to get her through the morning sickness she was suffering.

She told the Whimn website: "I lived on salty chips, white bread sandwiches, carbs and carbs and more carbs. Oh, and McDonald's – sometimes eating chips at 7am to numb the nausea."


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Laura McGoldrick

Broadcaster Laura McGoldrick also relied on carbs to get her through the first trimester morning sickness while pregnant with baby daughter Harley this year.

McGoldrick told readers of her blog she initially "survived on dry toast and ginger ale", but as she began to feel a bit better, chocolate milkshakes became one of her daily cravings. 

She also made sure to give her husband, Black Cap Martin Guptill, a list of food she wanted as soon as Baby Guppy arrived: salmon and cream cheese bagels, followed by sushi and a little champagne. We hope he delivered!