Kiwi radio stars’ sad farewell

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Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 9:47AM

Flava hosts Sela Alo and Tarsh Ieremia have made their final farewells on air this week by saying ka kite ano to the Wake Up Call breakfast show. 

Tarsh tearfully took to the microphone saying: “After three years together on our Wake Up show we have decided that we…”

“Ah, we want to do some different things,” said Sela, finishing Tarsh’s sentence.

“We had a little chat, Tarshy and I, a little while ago, and when we started the Wakeup Call we were three, we were Sela, Pua and Tarsh… and in June we lost Pua.

“Tarshy and I have had a great time and we have decided that we want to try something else. Because it wasn’t the same with us.”

 “Our family was sort of divided and it was hard to get back what we had when we were three (hosts),” explained Sela.

 “I have been at Flava for nearly 11 years so it was a real hard decision for me, but I want to grow and do new things... but Flava will always have a place in my heart,” said Tarsh.

The Wake Up Call’s third host and former Shortland Street star, Pua Magasiva, officially quit Flava in September.

The move came after he pleaded guilty to drink-driving last year and was sentenced to 80 hours community work and 12 months supervision.

In August, he appeared before the courts again, charged with driving a vehicle contrary to his limited license terms.

NZME, which owns both Flava and the New Zealand Herald, has yet to announce who will take over the Flava breakfast slot.

Watch Tarsh and Sela’s farewell video above.