Kiwi radio host conquers biggest fear

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Publish Date
Friday, 9 February 2018, 2:52PM

Last month on The Hits, host Sam Wallace shared a story about the time he freaked out about jumping off the top diving board, 10 years ago at Moana Pool in Dunedin. 

And because of it, he became a laughing stock.

Today, he decided to ‘grow a pair’ and put his biggest fear to the test by jumping off a 10-metre diving board at West Wave Pools in Auckland.

Wallace looked very sporty in his green budgie smugglers and summer tan, but it didn’t stop him from feeling woozy.

“I actually feel a little bit sick” he said before taking the plunge.

Sam played Eye of the Tiger by Survivor on his cell phone before he jumped to pep him up.

“Does anyone have a helmet?” he said during The Hits Facebook Livestream.

Before the moment of truth, he had some more words of encouragement from a hypnotherapist and a some pointers from Kiwi Olympic diver, Shaye Boddington.

Watch the full video above.