Kiwi model's diet and exercise for Victoria's Secret show

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 10:31AM

Auckland-born Victoria's Secret angel and host of Project Runway NZ, Georgia Fowler has cemented her status as the country's most successful model of late.

Tomorrow, the 26-year-old will make her way down the famous lingerie giant's runway for the third year in a row. But before that, she's revealed the gruelling diet and fitness regime she's following to prepare for the event.

Georgia Fowler says mixing it up is key. Her picks are high intensity training sessions mixed with boxing, Pilates, yoga and barre classes. Photo / Getty Images

Known for her rigorous dedication to maintaining her physique, Fowler works out seven days a week, follows a diet heavy in raw fats and dark greens and and is a fan of infrared saunas.

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Speaking to Vogue, Fowler shared the secret to keeping herself on form: "Mix it up – it's important for your body and your brain to not know what's coming!"

She mixes high intensity training sessions with boxing, Pilates, yoga and barre classes.

And for a full-body workout, Fowler loves battle ropes, said to stimulate heart rate, build ab definition and improve spinal posture.

On the diet front, the former Diocesan School for Girls student has previously shared her taste for avocados, nuts, almond cappuchinos and loves an acai bowl or veggie omelette.

Fowler, who is signed to IMG Models alongside the likes of Bella Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio, reportedly starts each day with tea, an apple cider vinegar drink and coffee.

When it comes to cutting things from her diet, the model told Marie Claire Australia last year that she avoids carbs, grains and dairy due to allergies.

And despite eliminating processed foods from her diet, she is partial to chocolate: "I will never deprive myself – I'll always have a little fun size chocolate when I need it."

On the alcohol front, she enjoys the occasional cocktail, noting margaritas as a favourite.

As a model always on the move, her go-to when travelling is the Nike Workout App which she uses to exercise in hotel rooms.