Kiwi fan nails drums on stage with The Killers

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Saturday, 21 April 2018, 11:02AM

The Killers invited a lucky Kiwi onstage last night for a dream-come-true moment. 

During the band's epic show at Spark Arena on Friday, they put the call out to the crowd for someone to join them onstage to fill in for drummer Ronnie. 

One fan, introduced only as "Amy from Auckland" managed to get herself on stage. 

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She must have been nervous - wouldn't you be? - because the band asked the stage crew: "You got a shot of whiskey or something back there for her?" 

But Amy took her spot at the kit and totally nailed the drums on The Killers' hit For Reasons Unknown. 

When she got off stage, it was to "we're not worthy"-type bows and hugs all round. 

Check out Amy's superstar moment in the video from Radio Hauraki above.