Kiwi celebrity baby names of 2018

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Thursday, 29 November 2018, 10:53PM
Benji and Zoe Marshall with baby Fox. Photo / Instagram
Benji and Zoe Marshall with baby Fox. Photo / Instagram

When it comes to naming their babies, stars are inclined to choose something a little ... unusual.

So with the UK's most popular baby names for 2018 revealed earlier this week, we thought we'd compare it to the names doled out to the wee babes born to Kiwi celebs this year to see how many also opted for Sophia, Amelia, Lily, Muhammad, Oliver or Noah. 

(Spoiler alert: None of them did.)

Nadia Lim and Baby River

Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie demonstrated their preference for unusual baby names when they welcomed their first son, Bodhi, in 2016.

So when their second son arrived via a dramatic, unexpected home birth in September this year, there was little surprise when they opted for another uncommon name: River.

Lim later told Woman's Day she loved the way the name sounded, saying "It's a beautiful word with beautiful connotations."

However, it appears Lim's mother-in-law didn't initially feel quite the same way.

"When we told Carlos' mum we'd called [our baby] River, she said, 'Gosh, I thought Bodhi was interesting, but this is even more interesting!'"



Toni Street and Baby Lachlan (Lachie)

The Hits broadcaster Toni Street and her husband Matt France chose a more traditional name for their son born via surrogate in August: Lachlan.

In revealing her baby's name, Street said the name Noah – one of the most popular names of the year – had also been on their shortlist.

"When he came out, we had two names we'd narrowed it down to,” Street told The Hits' listeners. "We decided he definitely wasn't a Noah, and we both looked at him and [said] he's a Lachie!"


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Sharyn Casey and Baby Tyson

Dancing With The Stars host Sharyn Casey and her husband Bryce welcomed a baby boy in January this year after suffering several miscarriages, and decided to give their little bundle of joy a big name: Tyson.

But Casey was quick to point out her baby's name had nothing to do with former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

"He's here! Our little bug Tyson Lloyd Casey arrived yesterday and we are so in love!” she wrote on Instagram at the time. "NB - Not named after Mike Tyson."


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Jacinda Ardern and Baby Neve

Let us not forget New Zealand's First Baby was also born this year.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford welcomed their daughter into the world back in June and revealed her name to the waiting public a few days later: Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

The name Neve - an Anglicised version of Niamh – was apparently chosen because it means "bright and radiant".

Ardern added that Te Aroha was chosen as her daughter's middle name early on in her pregnancy.

"It was our way of reflecting the amount of love she received before she arrived," Ardern said.

"It seemed to show that love and generosity. It's also the place all my family are from. I grew up under that mountain."



Julie Anne Genter and Baby Joaquin

Not long after Prime Minister Ardern's baby arrived, the Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, welcomed her own baby (after cycling to the hospital) - a little boy named Joaquin.



The Block NZ babies: Bloem and Laiken

Big Dyls (Dylan Cossey) and Little Dylz (Dylan Guitink) of The Block NZ fame also both welcomed their first babies this year.

While Cossey and his wife Libby decided to name their daughter Bloem (pronounced "bloom"), Guitink and his partner Emily Phibbs chose to name their son Laiken.


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Claudia Conaglen and Baby Tahira (Tia)

Another reality TV star welcoming their first baby this year was former Bachelorette Claudia Conaglen.

She and husband Paul Ejamme met their baby girl after a dramatic 32-hour labour and emergency C-section and decided to name their little bundle of joy Tahira Mia – or Tia for short.


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Sonny Bill Williams and Baby Zaid


After All Black Sonny Bill Williams and his wife Alana successfully kept their third pregnancy under wraps from the general public, they stunned everyone with the news of their baby boy's arrival back in June.

Williams made the announcement about his family's new addition on Instagram, writing: "Zaid Williams. Asalamualakium [peace be unto you] son - mummy, daddy and your sisters love you so much."


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Israel Dagg and Baby Tilly

Williams' former All Blacks teammate Israel Dagg also welcomed another baby this year, with the birth of a girl in May.

He and wife Daisy chose to name their daughter Tilly, saying she was "Daddy's little princess".

And life has certainly been super busy for the couple since Tilly's arrival just 13 months after her brother Arlo's birth, with the whole family moving to Japan while Dagg plays club rugby there.


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Benji Marshall and Baby Fox

After openly talking about their fertility struggles for some time, league star Benji Marshall and his broadcaster wife Zoe Marshall welcomed their first child earlier this year, a much-longed-for baby boy.

The couple named their son Benjamin Fox, however they choose to call him by his middle name.


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Josh Thomson and Baby Soana

Comedian and TV presenter Josh Thomson and his wife Liz finally welcomed a baby girl in April, after three heartbreaking miscarriages.

The couple told Woman's Day their daughter, Soana Ann Rose, is named after Thomson's late mother.

"It was a very difficult decision for us to name our child after Mum," Thomson said.

"She was so good with kids and it's still so upsetting to me that she won't meet her granddaughter.

"I suppose it's still quite raw. I asked my dad and he said it was okay. Yet we kept looking at other names, putting them on our list. But when she was born, I looked at her and I knew she was a little Soana."


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