Kiwi actor’s funny childhood moment

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Thursday, 5 October 2017, 11:56AM
Actor Robbie Magasiva on The Hits.
Actor Robbie Magasiva on The Hits.

Let’s be honest, everyone is guilty of a few embarrassing childhood stories that get retold fondly by friends and family.

But there’s always that one special story that they never let you live down.

Wentworth star Robbie Magasiva has been stitched up by one of his four brothers, about his younger years back in Samoa.

Hanging out with Sarah, Sam and Toni on The Hits today, Robbie was blind sided when the team read out an email from his brother.

“One of your brothers has given us some intel on you,” teased Sarah. “I am going to read it word for word what he sent it to me.”

She started: “When Robbie was a young fob, he used to sit on the bridge in Samoa.”

Robbie exploded with laughter when he realised what was coming.

It turns out Robbie used to wave to passing vehicles while he went number twos off the bridge.

After finally regaining his composure, Robbie explained: “Well, the toilet was full, there was nowhere else to go. The bridge was the nearest place…"

“I mean you just put your lavalava out and hang your ass over the edge and you just go for it.”

We love your honesty Robbie!