Kids' show What Now's X-rated gaffe

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Thursday, 14 March 2019, 11:26AM

When we look back at our childhood, there was nothing better than waking up early every morning to watch TVNZ's What Now.

Remember the gunge?

Well, we have a feeling the popular kid's program is currently a little red-faced after the presenters, Evander and Erin, unveiled a new 'character' to the show.

The puppet, which they are currently calling their "purple little pal" while it awaits a name, appears to have a vivid sexual reference.

Yep, we can't help but notice that something about the puppet's design isn't quite right.

Posting to social media, the TV show wrote: "Of course - GUNGE was what our purple little pal wanted all along! They're going to fit in just fine around these parts. But surely a name is in order right? We're ready and waiting to hear your suggestions Facebook whānau so fire away - we'll be keeping a close eye on our favourites."

At a quick glance, the purple puppet has been designed phallic-like in shape ... and the rest we will leave to your imagination.


What Now airs Sunday mornings at 8am on TVNZ 2.

This article was first published on The Hits.