Julian Dennison on Ryan Reynolds: ‘I wouldn’t say I was a fan’

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Friday, 25 May 2018, 8:48AM
Julian Dennison and Ryan Reynolds. Photo / Getty
Julian Dennison and Ryan Reynolds. Photo / Getty

Kiwi acting star Julian Dennison is confidently making his way around the American talk show scene promoting his new film Deadpool 2.

The movie stars Hollywood heavyweight Ryan Reynolds alongside him, but Julian had some harsh words for his co-star on Conan, the late night chat show hosted by Conan O’Brian.

Conan asked Julian if he was a fan of Ryan’s before he filmed Deadpool 2.

“I saw his movies… I wouldn’t say I was a fan,” Dennison said, before making a deadpan quip about Ryan’s superhero flop Green Lantern. “There was Green Lantern … (it) was a really great movie.”

Julian then changed his tune when he realised Ryan was probably watching the interview.

“He is a super nice guy … really cool to work with, amazing family …  yeah he’s just super nice.”

Conan ended the interview by saying: “You are not going to be in Deadpool 3. You are screwing up big time here!”

Julian told viewers earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel that he can’t legally watch his own film yet.