Jess Quinn signed to La modelling agency

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Sunday, 10 June 2018, 4:23PM

She's lifted spirits throughout the country with her poise on Dancing with the Stars.

Now, cancer survivor Jess Quinn will be sharing her inspiring journey Stateside as soon as the show has finished.

The 25-year-old has been signed to Natural Models in Los Angeles and the team want her there pronto to make plans.

"It's really exciting. Modelling was never something I planned to do but to be able to be a part of a conversation of diversity in an industry that is known for having certain beauty ideals is something I'm really excited about," she told the Weekend Herald.

Jess Quinn was already a social media influencer before Dancing with the Stars with more than 160,000 followers on Instagram.

The agency is owned by Katie Wilcox, a former plus-size model.

Its mission is to "let models be healthy and happy", according to its website, while providing them with an opportunity to work as a model at their natural body shape and size.

The agency has booked models on TV advertisements for brands such as Macy's, Target and Ford. Quinn said Wilcox was an advocate for inspiring others to feel good in the skin they're in.

"So I'm really excited to be able to learn from her, I'll also be doing influencer work and looking at speaking engagements ... so the opportunities ahead are really exciting.

"I just want to keep telling my story and sharing the things I'm passionate about in as many ways as I can. I'm going to continue doing social media and modelling but I would like to have a huge focus on speaking."

Quinn, who was already a social media influencer before the show with more than 160,000 followers on Instagram, said her most cherished role had been working with the Child Cancer Foundation, which she is dancing for to raise money on the TV3 show, and meeting the children who look up to her.

Jess Quinn  has been signed to Natural Models in Los Angeles. Photo / Robin Smith

"The foundation is getting messages from kids who have found inspiration in my message which means so much to me. I know exactly what those kids are going through and to be able to offer them a small slice of hope in the toughest time of their life is the most incredible feeling ever.

"I love being able to connect personally with people by sharing my story. My main goal in life is to use my experiences to inspire and help others so I plan on taking every opportunity I get to do that. I've also really loved the experience working on TV so that's something I'd love the opportunity to continue."

Quinn, who is represented in New Zealand by We are Tenzing, said she wouldn't think twice about doing another stint on TV.

"In doing the show [Dancing with the Stars] I've 100 per cent put myself out of my comfort zone, you're in your most vulnerable position on national TV, it definitely teaches you a lot about yourself.

"It's taught me that I really can achieve anything I set my mind to and that's given me so much confidence to continue chasing my dreams."