Jeremy Wells gives Hosking's trophy to Robbie Williams

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 8:42AM
Robbie Williams and Jeremy Wells.
Robbie Williams and Jeremy Wells.

Larrikin Jeremy Wells may have pushed things a bit too far during a press conference for Robbie Williams.

During yesterday’s presser, Wells  re-gifted a prestigious NZ Television award from Mike Hosking to the visiting British pop star.

On Seven Sharp, Wells revealed he found the award in his locker when he inherited it after taking Hosking’s place on the show.

“Inside the locker were two things: that award from 2016 from the Variety Club and a Kenny Rogers album and I couldn’t have given him the Kenny Rogers album because that would have been wrong so I went with the award,” Wells said.

It was all caught on camera during their brief exchange at the sometimes-awkward presser.

“Oh wow this has got the weight of an award,” Robbie said when Jerry passed it to him.

“It is actually an old award. It was the only thing I could find laying around. I was under prepared,” confessed Jerry.

“This is your award?” Robbie asked.

“Yeah we won the award and I have re-gifted the award to you”

Robbie said: “You know what, I am going to take this home and put it on my mantelpiece, take a picture and Instagram it and there it shall stay.”

We are still waiting to see that Instagram photo Robbie!

Watch it all unfold below from 2min 25seconds on.