Jack and Matty: An anatomy of a TV bromance

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 10:08PM
Jack Tame and Matty McLean
Jack Tame and Matty McLean

It's been a hard week for TVNZ weather presenter Matty McLean.

With the news his Breakfast colleague Brodie Kane is finishing up on the show this year in order to join The Hits in Christchurch, McLean was left lamenting the departure of the woman he calls his "soul sister/work wife". 



But McLean can console himself with the knowledge he still has his "work husband" to hang out with on the Breakfast set - his best mate of 13 years, Jack Tame.

The McLean and Tame bromance that Breakfast viewers get to witness every morning first blossomed when the duo met at broadcasting school, aged 17.

According to an interview with Sunday magazine this year, their first impressions of each other weren't exactly favourable. Tame said McLean was "particularly insufferable" talking about a recent exchange to Austria, while McLean said he thought Tame was "very loud and very obnoxious".

However, the two still struck up a fast friendship over a few beers and the rest, as they say, is history.

McLean and Tame have remained the best of mates over the years, even getting all sentimental when they reached their 30th birthdays (if you can call sending a cake that says "You should be dead by now!" sentimental).




McLean was also thrilled when his old mate landed the Breakfast co-presenter role alongside Hilary Barry last year, even missing The X Factor (quelle horreur!) so he could live stream Tame's inaugural show behind the Breakfast desk.  The sentiment was returned when McLean moved back to New Zealand from London soon after to join the show as weather presenter. 

The Breakfast bromance has occasionally even extended into turning up on set wearing the same suit (although we couldn't possibly decide who wore it better).



But like any friendship that's lasted that many years, McLean and Tame have had their differences of opinion, with a few of those grievances aired on live television of late.

When Tame recently had the audacity to make disparaging remarks about McLean's fur baby Otis during an on-air discussion about renting a property with pets, things got a little physical.

"He’s a little hurricane! I know how I'd feel about having Otis in my house," Tame exclaimed, who received a whack on the arm in return.

"Shall we not hit each other live on television?" asked co-presenter, Hilary Barry.



Things also got tense when it was best friend vs best friend during Breakfast's own My Kitchen Rules challenge last month – so much so, we wouldn't be surprised if McLean was feeling a bit tired after so much eye-rolling.



Then there was that time Tame threw McLean under the bus over his trip to the Glastonbury music festival this year. 

McLean was left squirming on air after Hilary Barry teased an upcoming interview about drugs at festivals, to which Tame cheekily asked: "How was Glastonbury, Matty? Was that alright? Just out of interest."

As he dissolved into a fit of laughter, Tame added, "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist it."

The camera cut to McLean, who was seen with his head in his hands, before he ordered everyone to "move on".

Still, the bromance persists, through thick and thin, and if this recent text exchange between the two is to be believed, the friendship has survived unfashionable footwear, too.



But they really do think quite highly of each other.

Tame told Sunday magazine McLean has been the first person he's called when he's had difficult periods in life, adding that "he's a really good listener and offers really solid advice".

In the same interview, McLean said Tame was one of the most loyal people he knew.

"He was such a huge part of why I said 'yes' to coming back from the UK to take the [Breakfast] job, and [working together on the show] is something we've dreamed of for a long time."