Is Max Key joining DWTS?

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 10 March 2018, 3:00PM

Could former first son and social media star Max Key be sashaying on to our TV screens?

Earlier this year we reported he had attracted the attention of Project Runway NZ — now we can reveal Dancing with the Stars producers have approached Sir John Key’s son.

This will be the perfect time for 22-year-old Key to see if his 64,000 Instagram followers would follow him to the big screen — and to see if he has the same magic as his father had with the New Zealand voting public, and a good scoping opportunity to gauge his chances for his declaration of a run for Prime Minister in 2041.

Key can certainly draw a crowd to watch his DJ performances. Will he be able to translate his move from the turn-tables to the dance floor, in the Foxtrot or the Tango?

Project Runway NZ and DWTS are still in the audition stage — only Act MP David Seymour and Real Housewife of Auckland, Gilda Kirkpatrick have been confirmed for DWTS. Fellow Real Housewife, Angela Stone, is said to be holding out hope for a place, but MediaWorks is not commenting on any more contestants yet.

 Things are going well for Key; his awkward social years seem to be in the distant past and his relationship with gorgeous brunette, 23-year-old Renee Brown, a former girlfriend of professional cricket player Mitchell McClenaghan, is going strong.

The loved-up pair have a new bundle of joy in the form of a ‘pomsky’ puppy called Kyro, (a Pomeranian crossed with a husky), with its own Instagram page.

A source close to the Key family tells Spy that he and his pooch are at risk of being persona non-grata at his parents’ Parnell home.

Last week Key posted messages on his Instagram story from his mother whom he calls ‘Birth Giver” and his father whom he calls “Papa Key,’ both asking if the Spy article was serious about him taking possession of a new puppy.

Key Junior then went out for an Instagram vote asking followers if he should get Kyro to pee on his father, the votes were 100 per cent yes.

Key declined to discuss the reality TV show approaches, nor will he tell Spy if Papa Key has sent him and his puppy packing.