'I hate it': Breakfast hosts slam Air NZ safety clip

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 8:51AM

TVNZ's Breakfast crew has slammed Air New Zealand's latest safety video, calling it "embarrassing" and declaring: "I hate it so much".

The team broached the subject in relation to NZ First MP Shane Jones' comments about the safety video, in which he called it "juvenile mish-mash".

The clip stars a host of Kiwi talent including Julian Dennison, Randa, Kings and Theia, rapping and singing the airline's safety message to the tune of Run-DMC's Tricky.

Hayley Holt was first to admit she agreed with Jones saying: "This is just embarrassing". 

"As someone who likes hip hop, just get it out of my face. It's just not cool." 

Matty McLean said at first he found it "kind of fun and funky" but after having to watch it on a recent trip, he said: "I hate it. I hate it so much." 

The general consensus among the team was Air NZ should "strip it back and be simple". 

Hayley said: "What's wrong with someone just coming out and saying, this is where your life jackets are, this is where the exits are, have a great trip."

If by some miracle you've avoided seeing the clip yet, feast your eyes: