Howzat! Chris Harris' stunning DWTS rise to the top

Gracie Taylor,
Spy News,
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Sunday, 13 May 2018, 8:57PM

We are five episodes deep into Dancing with the Stars and plenty of booty-shaking action took place on the dancefloor this evening.

After Auckland Housewife Gilda Kirkpatrick was eliminated last Monday night, other celebrity contestants surely danced their socks off tonight to fight for their place in the competition and to raise funds for their chosen charities.

Judges Rachel White and Julz Tocker show the other contestents how it's done on Dancing with the Stars NZ. Photo / Supplied

The theme this week is 'jam songs' where contestants can choose their own songs they love to dance to.

Chris Harris topped the leaderboard tonight with 24 points. In second place is Shavaughan Ruakere on 23 points and in third place is Jess Quinn on 21 points.

Judges Rachel Winter, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the 7 contestants and their dance partners as follows:

• Chris Harris, 24 points • Shavaughan Ruakere, 23 points • Jess Quinn, 21 points • Roger Farrelly, 20 points • Samantha Hayes, 20 points • Robert Rakete, 18 points • Zac Franich, 17 points

Highlights from tonight's show included an intimate dance from two of the judges, Rachel White and Julz Tocker.

Fans on social media thought it was up to scratch.

First contestant who danced tonight was Shavaughan Ruakere and her partner Enrique.

Shav chose to dance to the song 'Feel The Love' by Rudimental for her "friend Helena who died from cancer" and said in her pre-dance interview that she was "dancing for the boobies" for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

"That is what I call a proper quick step... I loved it! You danced tonight for everyone who has lost somebody," says judge Camilla.

The second dancer tonight was rocking Roger Farrelly who chose a Metallica song for his waltz.

Fans were not surprised by his music choice.

"No more dodgy Rodgey. Mate, I really liked it" says judge Julz.

The third dancer tonight Samantha Hayes and her dance partner Aaron performed the jive for the New Zealand Riding for Disabled charity.

Hayes chose Florence and the Machine's song 'Dog Days Are Over.'

Fans thought Sam 'nailed it' and was very 'cute.'

However, the judges were not so impressed.

"It was some not so good dancing," says Rachel White.

Camilla even said she "should think about working with an acting coach" to get out of her shell to show more personality.

Fourth dancer tonight was Jess Quinn and her partner Jonny who are currently leading at the top of last week's table.

'Closer' by Six60 was her "first thought" when it came to choosing her favourite 'jam' to samba to this week.

Judge Camilla says she is hugely inspired by Jess: "You are here and committed and you are going nowhere," (as in not getting voted off the show.)

Former Bachelor NZ star Zac Franich was the fifth dancer.

Fans thought his attempt at the jive was a bit 'dorky.'

Judge Julz' feedback was "this wasn't a great performance for you, some problems really happened. You should come back next week and fight. Not great, but you ain't going anywhere."

"You didn't close your feet once, but keep up the good work," said Rachel White.

The sixth dancer was Robert Rakete and his dance partner Nicole danced the waltz.

Fans loved his song choice, 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston.

"I loved seeing the softer side of you tonight, but the transitions need to be seamless," says judge Rachel White.

The final dancer tonight was cricketing legend Chris Harris and his partner Vanessa who danced a lively jive to 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner.

Fans on Twitter were loving his performance.

"I thought the roof was going to take off in here. That was awesome! I have three words for you, I love you!" said judge Camilla.

Competitor Naz Khanjani, who will dance tomorrow evening, spoke to host Sharyn Casey about her dance partner's injury during rehearsals this week.

"During the rehearsal yesterday Tim's knee bent sideways and he nearly broke it," says Khanjani.

"To be completely honest I highly doubt he will make it on stage tomorrow night but he is a fighter. I will be here no matter what even if it means dancing alone."

Tune in tomorrow night at 7pm on Three to see who will be the second celebrity to get eliminated off Dancing with the Stars New Zealand.