Hosking's car repair bill 'is going to be ugly'

Spy News,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 9:29AM

Broadcaster Mike Hosking is preparing for a major repair bill after crashing his Alfa Romeo 4C over the weekend.

Hosking crashed his car - estimated to be worth up to $140,000 - while racing at Hampton Downs over the weekend.

His wife Kate Hawkesby posted about his ordeal on Instagram, with photos revealing serious dents and scratches down one side of the red sports car.

Today, Hosking told Newstalk ZB listeners he'd taken the car into Autoworks and was preparing himself for a whopping repair bill because the car wasn't insured on a racetrack.

"Because it's a modern car you no longer panelbeat," Hosking told listeners. "All you do is order the parts and click them together. Basically it's Lego.

"How expensive can a few plastic parts be? I think we're going to find that out shortly."

He admitted he wasn't looking forward to getting the quote.

"If I can emotionally prepare myself to turn up to work and utter the words out loud I'll let you know what it is."

Yesterday, Hosking told listeners the crash happened as he was coming into a corner at 120-130km/h.

He went to brake, only to realise the brakes weren't working.

“I went to apply the brakes – there were no brakes. He thought: “Oh my God, there are no brakes, I am still going straight instead of turning, what happens next?"

Hosking had just last week predicted he would never crash on the Hampton Downs race track in a column that addressed accidents on New Zealand roads.

He wrote: "Since joining Hampton Downs and taking my car round a track at 220km/h I have not crashed, will not crash, and have concluded I am vastly less likely to be in trouble on a track than I am on a road."