Hosking and Hawkesby banned from comedy festival show

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Monday, 23 April 2018, 12:25PM
The Fan Brigade. Photo / Supplied
The Fan Brigade. Photo / Supplied

The Comedy Festival officially kicks off this week and two cheeky Kiwi comedians are the publicity pot by announcing the celebs that aren’t allowed to attend their show.

The Fan Brigade, a musical comedy duo made up of Livi Relhana and Amanda Kennedy, posted a photo of a letter they received from the 2018 New Zealand International Comedy Festival confirming certain people who are banned from their show, Feminazi Bitches.

Mike Hosking and his wife Kate Hawkesby are just some of the Kiwis on the black list, along with “TK from Shortland Street, Don Brash, Tony Veitch, Julia the racist one on Real Housewives of Auckland and Sir Bob Jones."

Fans of the funny girls have praised their bold move.

“This instantly makes me want to go to the show. An EXCELLENT ban list.”

“You guys are literally the best” says another.

Even Anika Moa tweeted back saying “OMG, legit lol.”