Hollywood actor shouts out Kiwi indie band

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018, 2:02PM
Will Arnett. Photo / Getty
Will Arnett. Photo / Getty

You may recognise and know Will Arnett for his superior acting roles in Arrested Development or Blades of Glory – but he also has an ear for fine Kiwi music!

Taking to Twitter, Will posted about Kiwi band The Beths saying how much he adored their sweet, sweet tunes.

The Beths @LizstokedStokes Must must must listen... and then listen some more.”

The Beths replied “OMG thanks Will!”

Fans are agreeing with Arnett’s taste in music.

“Thanks for the tip. Am loving it! Makes me want to jump in my car and road trip it.

“Best album of 2018. Will Arnett with the GOOD TASTE.”

“Never heard of them, thanks for the recommendation, they sound great!”

Good on ya Will! We breed plenty of musical geniuses in Aotearoa.