Hilary Barry takes on cyber bullies

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Monday, 13 November 2017, 10:49AM
Hilary Barry. Photo / Facebook
Hilary Barry. Photo / Facebook

TVNZ’s Breakfast anchor has decided enough is enough when it comes to being bullied on the internet.

Hilary Barry didn’t mince her words when she responded to a nasty Facebook message by standing up for herself and other victims of online bullying.

In a public Facebook post Hilary reveals she responded to a “troll” last night.

“So here’s the thing - I normally just delete the comments of trolls but after a weekend reflecting on the incredible suffering that many other people have in their lives, you read some bitchy comment on a Sunday night from a grandmother of two from Hamilton and respond.”

“So here’s to this Jennie, who just received a personal message from me, and all the other Jennie’s of this world. I hope they find some love and kindness in their hearts.”

We stand by you one hundred per cent Hilz Baz!