Hilary Barry’s smart response to ‘uppity tart’ comment

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 1:33PM
Hilary Barry always knows the right thing to say. Photo / Instagram
Hilary Barry always knows the right thing to say. Photo / Instagram

It’s no secret that Hilary Barry is not one to mince her words or let a silly internet troll get the better of her.

And today has been no exception.

Barry posted a rude comment from a Seven Sharp viewer ‘Phil’ asking her why she ‘sniggers’ while introducing a show called Outback Truckers.

“Why do you have to snigger each time Monday evenings when you are re-signing off and introducing “Outback Truckers”??...is it because its just about the only show on TV that’s predominantly for men and one of a very few that DOESN’T have a dolled up, smart mouthed uppity tart in a leading roll???... just curious.”

Hilary Tweeted the comment alongside her own polite, yet witty response.

“It’s the fear of saying “f**kers” but good on your for imagining some feminist conspiracy.”

Fans have applauded her on her hilarious comment to the spiteful viewer, Phil.

“Brb, starting a bakery that only sells uppity tarts and leading rolls.”

“Hilary my Wednesday has improved immeasurably because of your fabulous reply to phobic Phil.”

“Dear Phil, thank you for creating an opportunity for @Hilary_Barry to be Hilary. Whenever that happens the world gets a bit better each time. Much appreciated. This is gold!”

“Be a better dolled up, smart-mouthed uppity tart” - awesome, New Years resolution sorted.”

“I’m dying. Best reply ever.”

We LOVE it Hilz Baz, you keep doing you boo!