Hilary Barry cracks up at Seven Sharp blooper

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Thursday, 7 June 2018, 2:02PM
Seven Sharp. Photo / Twitter
Seven Sharp. Photo / Twitter

 We all love a good TV fail and so does our favourite news anchor Hilary Barry - even when it happens on her show.

 The Seven Sharp host has shared footage of a live recording from her 7pm current affairs show that proves things don't always quite go to plan.

 As her co-host Jeremy Wells delivers his lines, Hilary pipes in, saying: “That’s a bit interesting” and points to the green screen behind them.

 On it is TVNZ presenters Simon Dallow and Dan Corbett walking on to set.

 “I live for bloopers like these,” says Barry.

 She wrote: “When we told Simon & Dan they were welcome on the show anytime, we assumed they'd ask for permission first #intruderalert.”