Hilary Barry cracks the whip at Brodie’s farewell

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Monday, 27 November 2017, 12:21PM
Hilary Barry pretending to whip Jack Tame. Photo / Twitter
Hilary Barry pretending to whip Jack Tame. Photo / Twitter

Brodie Kane bid farewell to Auckland last week with one final flat party at her infamous Home Street pad in Grey Lynn.

Kane, who bloody loves an Insta story, documented her final days in Auckland, where her Mum Jo Kane came up from Christchurch to help pack up her life and mow the lawns ahead of a final flat inspection.

To celebrate, Brodie broke out the party cups and several bottles of fizz, while her mum was on cheerio duty (a task she may have neglected briefly, judging by the Insta vid…)

Several of Brodie’s TVNZ whanau joined the party, including our favourite Hilz Baz, who somehow acquired herself a riding crop.

Posting on Instagram, the ever-mischievous Hilz appeared to sneak up on her co-host Jack Tame, who was in deep conversation with Matty McLean.

Hilary also gave a heartfelt shout out to Brodie’s “Mama Jo” writing: “You learn so much about a person when you spend time with their mum. It helps you understand what makes them tick, what fills their heart and what really matter to them.”

Auckland may be losing one of its favourite party people but we can’t wait to see more hilarious episodes of Keeping Up with the Kanes as Brodie moves back to Christchurch and closer to her Mum.

Brodie starts her new role hosting The Hits breakfast in Christchurch next week.