Heartbreak Island 'really scarred me' says contestant

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Thursday, 5 July 2018, 2:33PM

Heartbreak Island’s latest elimination last night saw Auckland model Caitlin Smith leave the island.

During an interview with ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan today, she explains that she was left distraught after being bullied by a fellow female contestant on the show.

When asked if she still keeps in touch with Georgia, Smith said:

“Honestly, it’s water under the bridge and I can’t see myself being friends with someone who treats other people like that and that’s just my personal opinion but I am not going to hold any malice against her because I ain’t got no time for that.”

However, it seems the bullying has continued off the island too.

“She messaged me last night saying that the island definitely got the worst side of her and that she felt really bad for what she had said. It was nice, but I know they have an ongoing group chat where they continue to say things about me and some of the other girls,” revealed Caitlin.

“I found out because I was hanging out with some of the other people from the show on the weekend and it was actually shown to me all the things they were saying about me and I was shocked at how people can be so nasty.”

“It is spilling over into my real life…. I have cried endless amounts of tears over this. It has really hurt me and it’s made me doubt myself as a person and it’s really scarred me. One hundred percent.”

Caitlin arrived on Heartbreak Island in week three of the series as one of four “disruptors”, specifically brought in to create drama on the island.

“I don’t think I would have gone on the show if I had known I was going to be a disruptor,” said Caitlin.

A TVNZ spokesperson for the show has said that all contestants get support during both the filming and airing process.

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