Heartbreak Harry’s $18K Hollywood night out

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 11 August 2018, 11:25AM
Liam Lonergan, Harry Jowsey and Kristian Barbarich. Photo / Supplied
Liam Lonergan, Harry Jowsey and Kristian Barbarich. Photo / Supplied

 Heartbreak Island winner Harry Jowsey has a cautionary tale after a fun-fuelled holiday in Los Angeles last week.

The 21-year-old saw a $9000 bill from a nightclub double the next day on his debit card and is still chasing the club to return his money.

Jowsey and fellow contestants Kristian Barbarich and Liam Lonergan hit LA like so many young reality TV stars do these days. The group rented an Airbnb home in West Hollywood, took in the sights with VIP Uber, shopped on Rodeo Drive and The Grove and partied up a storm at the city’s famous nightspots.

“I just want to make it clear, I have invested my $50,000 winnings from Heartbreak Island and it is not the trip Georgia (Bryers) and I won from the show. This trip was a boy’s jaunt, paid for from my savings,” Jowsey tells Spy.

The group enjoyed several evenings out at Hollywood hot spots, and each took a turn to pay for the night.

“We had a blast on my night, there were a ton of US reality stars and a guy from The Big Bang Theory. I booked table service for $4443. You’re only young once, right?” he says.

“It was pretty awesome, the girls come around with big signs as they deliver your drinks, with sparklers, and I knew what I was in for at this stage.”

Tequila, vodka and bubbles followed.

It wasn’t an expensive bottle of Cristal or even Moet that Jowsey went for. Peer pressure saw the champagne stakes skyrocket, and he bought two bottles of Ace of Spades (Armand de Brignac) at $3702 a bottle.

The lads tipped cash on service, and although he might have gulped, Jowsey signed off the $9000 bill on to his debit card.

“I took a photo of the money leaving my account, which was lucky as the next day the same amount went out again, I only knew this as my bank in New Zealand’s fraud department got in touch to flag it with me.”

On the bank’s advice, Jowsey has been in touch with the club by email and they have undertaken to replace the second deduction. Jowsey does not want to name the club, at least until things are sorted out, but left Los Angeles with a nearly $18,000 wallop to his savings from one night out.

“My advice to anyone partying anywhere with table service is keep all receipts and get a contact card from the manager. You’re booking something special, so it is the least they owe you.”

The trip wasn’t all about big nightclub bills. On one of the nights out Jowsey met actress Brooke Chamberlain who asked him to film a music video with her the next day at the Orange County Fair. He did, and they had fun, he said.

So, what about the Heartbreak Island LA trip that currently-single Jowsey and Bryers won? Barbarich has purchased Bryers’ half of the trip and the boys are heading back to Hollywood in a month.

“We will not be partying on the next trip; Kristian and I will be launching Kensington, our accessory brand of watches and sunglasses and we will be working that town like it worked us and getting as many influencers as we can to flash our product,” says Jowsey.

It’s not just the boys who are having fun. Fellow Heartbreak contestant Ruby Mills is heading to Europe in two weeks for a free Contiki tour. The Travel Corporation has given her a consolation prize for coming second on the show. Mills will enjoy a tour of Spain and Ibiza.