Gross secret PJ kept hidden during date

Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 20 April 2018, 12:12PM

PJ Harding's blind date with a firefighter seemed to be going well - but she was hiding something under the table.

Harding was set up on the date with Jayden, 23, after being tricked into auditioning for First Dates NZ, a romance reality show screening on TVNZ 2, by her ZM co-host Jase Hawkins.

PJ was set up with Jayden, a firefighter, and they seemed to hit it off swimmingly, with the pair bonding over their shared struggles with OCD.

But PJ was struggling with a major head cold, and she had a dirty secret under the table - a pile of used tissues.

"Right here, this is why I'm single," PJ declared after blowing her nose as the waitress told the pair the night's specials.

"It's definitely not something I'd advise someone on a first date to do."

Jayden admitted it was his first time being on a date with someone "who had a cold that bad". PJ even admitted she couldn't taste the coffee dessert because of the cold.

After the pair left the restaurant, a Maitre'd had the gross task of clearing the tissues up from under the table.

Despite the cold, both revealed they wanted to see each other again.

"Next time we go on a date hopefully I won't have a cold and I won't blow my nose every two seconds," PJ told Jayden.

In a subsequent interview with Spy, PJ revealed that she and Jayden had met up for a second date, but their connection didn't result in a relationship. PJ now lives in Melbourne where she hosts ZM's drive show.

"There was one follow up date post the tv show, he's a lovely guy, but that's where it ended," she said.

"I have a boyfriend now and I'm very happy."