Gin Wigmore's hospital drama

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 9:57AM

Gin Wigmore has revealed the birth of her son did not go according to plan. 

The delivery didn't go as smoothly as she would have liked, the New Rush hitmaker revealed to Stace & Flynny.

"I was actually in a cupboard for most of it," Gin explained on air.

"Because it was a full moon everyone decided to have a baby and my stupid doctor - who I was paying loads of bloody money to - forgot to put me on the list for the day.

"So I was in this ultrasound cupboard, which is about two metres by two metres and they literally had to move me out at the final hour of baby's head coming out of vajeen because I couldn't give the birth in the cupboard! They couldn't get the doctors in there.

"So yeah, it was quite an experience really."

When asked if she has dedicate some space on her heavily tattooed body to honour her little bundle of joy, she admited that she hasn't just yet.

"No I don't [have a tattoo yet]," she said, "But I think I might get Ivory blasted somewhere, I don't know yet."

Ivory, the cuddle master. 😍 #sunday #babylove

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Gin's new female-driven music and art project #GIRLGANG is out now!

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