Gilda's a goner: First elimination on DWTS

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Monday, 7 May 2018, 8:31PM

All good things must come to an end.

It was a rather short lived dancing career for Gilda Kirkpatrick after getting voted out of the competition by viewers and the judges tonight on the first evening of eliminations on Dancing with the Stars.

Kirkpatrick scored 17 points and looked absolutely gutted as they left the stage.

Seymour, Suzy Cato, Robert Rakete and Gilda Kirkpatrick were the final dancers to take the stage dancing to the theme of 'Top 40 Hits'.

Going into the contest competition was tight at the top with former Bachelor contestant Naz Khanjani, former cricketer Chris Harris and season three Bachelor Zach Franich sharing first with 24 points.

Jess Quinn was in second on 23, and Shavaughn Ruakere on 21 points.

Tonight's show did not change the standings with Rakete and Cato both scoring 21 and Seymour getting 20.

Despite being bottom of the table after the first round of dances judges Rachel Winter, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup​ praised Seymour for the hard work he had put in to lift his game with his second performance.

Winter received boos from the crowd for her sum up of Cato's dance. "Suzy, that was a good dance, but not a great dance," she said.

Last nights highlights included Khanjani dancing despite battling a cold, News anchor Samantha Hayes dancing the samba which she said was "right at the very edge of her comfort zone".

In her pre-dance interview she was in tears saying it was all "blood, sweat and tears in training."

Harris who danced the foxtrot said it was a "quite romantic" dance.

Radio host Roger Farrelly was last dancing the cha-cha to a Bruno Mars track.

Sporting a bowler hat, silk leopard shirt and gold chains, Farrelly's fans on Twitter were not sure about his outfit.

The judges scored the dancers tonight:

• Robert Rakete- 21 points • Suzy Cato - 21 points • David Seymour- 20 points • Gilda Kirkpatrick - 17 points

The scores of Sunday night's eight contestants:

• Naz Khanjani - 24 points • Zac Franich - 24 points • Chris Harris- 24 points • Jess Quinn - 23 points • Shavaughan Ruakere - 21 points • Samantha Hayes - 18 points • Roger Farrelly - 16 points • Marama Fox - 14 points

If you have no idea who the judges are, we did some sleuth work this week on the mysterious trio for you.